Kitchener Bin Rental

Our bin rentals can be used for most types of waste including construction, renovations, landscaping, roofing and home cleanouts. Our fee includes delivery/pick-up and 7-day rental. We have a wide range of bins from 4-40 yards. Call National Bins today for your free estimate or book online in less than 1 minute.

  • Same Day Delivery
  • Includes Delivery/Pick-Up and 7 Day Rental
  • Additional rental days are $30/day
  • Credit card deposit required prior to bin delivery, deposit adjusted according to your final invoice. Your credit card will automatically be charged the additional amount.

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About Kitchener

Known as the City of Berlin until it was renamed in 1916, Kitchener is the regional seat of the municipality of Waterloo, Ontario. Spanning 136 square kilometres and with a population of 232,222, Kitchener is part of the tenth largest Metropolitan area in Canada and the fourth largest in Ontario.

It’s economic heritage firmly rooted in manufacturing, Kitchener has rapidly diversified its economy into the finance, insurance, digital media, and health science sectors. This diversification has led to a substantial amount of construction and thus a substantial need for dumpster bin rentals. With buildings like the Lang Tannery being repurposed for the use of over 800 companies, there is a high demand for affordable dumpster rentals to dispose of the debris and waste such a project can produce.

Kitchener is also heavily invested in re-energizing its downtown core, creating programs such as the Downtown Kitchener Action Plan.

Rental bins were needed to clear debris and waste produced while widening sidewalks, adding lighting, lowering curbs, and creating an improved waste disposal system.

The investments in economic diversification and downtown improvements have paid off in significant population growth, and several factories have been repurposed into modern upscale residences and condominiums. This has created a demand for dumpster rentals among both construction firms and residents renovating their own homes.