Waterloo Bin Rental

Often referred to as a “Twin City” to Kitchener, Waterloo is the smallest of the three cities in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo with a population of 104, 986.

National Bins offers affordable bin rentals for homeowners, businesses and contractors. Our bin rentals can be used for most types of waste. Call National Bins today for your free estimate or book online in less than 1 minute.

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  • Includes Delivery/Pick-Up and 7 Day Rental
  • Additional rental days are $25/day
  • Credit card deposit required prior to bin delivery, deposit adjusted according to your final invoice. Your credit card will automatically be charged the additional amount.

About Waterloo

With knowledge and service-based economy, Waterloo has thriving insurance and high-tech sectors. Several large companies such as Manulife Financial and Blackberry are firmly established within the city, as well as hundreds of other high-tech firms, and require affordable ways to dispose of their technological waste in a way that is environmentally responsible.

Home to both the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo has a thriving combined student population of 56,051. To keep up with the waste produced by the two school’s many academic, athletic, student-life, and research programs, affordable dumpster rentals are needed.

Waterloo also boasts three well-known think tanks, the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, the Institute for Quantum Computing, and the Centre for International Governance Innovation. Affordable bin rentals are needed so that these institutes are free to focus on research without waste building up.

Homeowner Rental Bin

Residential Bin Rental

With a higher median household income and a lower employment rate than the national average, Waterloo continues to attract more and more residents. This in turn means that more and more people require affordable waste disposal options within the Waterloo area. National Bins provides bins in sizes ranging from 4 to 40 yards that are perfect for residential waste disposal.

Commercial Bin Rental

Commercial & Industrial Bin Rental

A hub for high tech business firms, Waterloo has a significant need for affordable dumpster rentals. Whether a business needs traditional waste disposal for packaging and old documents, or a way to dispose of high tech equipment in an environmentally responsible way, National Bins has an affordable dumpster rental solution.

Contractor Bin Rental

Contractor Bin Rental

As the city of Waterloo continues to develop as a center for technological innovation, increasing construction is needed to accommodate the expansion. National Bins provides an affordable source of dumpster rentals to dispose of drywall, concrete, and other debris produced by construction products, with bins large enough for any industrial or construction site.

We Have A Bin Rental For Any Project 7 Days Rental, No Hidden Fees!

4-Yard Bin Rental

4 & 15 Yard Clean-fill Bin

For heavy items like brick, concrete, gravel and topsoil

10-Yard Bin Rental

10 Yard Bin Rental

For medium home cleanups, household items/debris and furniture, small renovations

15-Yard Bin Rental

15 Yard Bin Rental

For medium to large home cleanups, household items/debris and furniture, renovation and construction materials, roof shingles, flood and fire cleanup.

20-Yard Bin Rental

20 Yard Bin Rental

For medium to large home cleanups, renovation and construction materials, flood and fire cleanup, household debris and furniture

30-Yard Bin Rental

30 Yard Bin Rental

For large construction jobs, industrial sites, manufacturing facilities

40-Yard Bin Rental

40 Yard Bin Rental

For large construction jobs, industrial sites, manufacturing facilities