4 Ways To Let It Go And Declutter Your Home

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Many people avoid bin rentals because they feel they don’t have enough stuff to justify the cost, but at the same time, they consider moving into a new home because they don’t have enough space for their stuff. Not everyone has trouble getting rid of the things in their lives. But if too much clutter and too little storage space is a problem in and around your home, it might be time to ‘let it go’.

Everyone owns items with sentimental value that they’ll never let go of. Whether it’s a family symbol or your favourite toy that you’ve had since you were a child, it’s a part of your life that you’ll always want to cherish.

But sometimes we keep things because they feel sentimental at the moment. Other times, we put things away because “you never know when we’ll need a stacking planter, so we better hang on to it!”. On that note, it’s time to let go of certain things.

Ways To Let It Go

If you have some junk, renovation debris or other materials that could go into a garbage bin rental, but not enough, here are just a few ways to find other things that you can let go.

1. Do A Deep Dive In Your Storage Areas

“Out of sight out of mind”. It means there’s probably lots of stuff in your basement or attic storage that you put away for some reason, but will never remember why. When you’re looking through your belongings, remember one thing – it’s easier to say “keep it” than to go through the bother of throwing it out. But if you rent a dumpster bin, getting rid of it is not a problem.

2. Check Your Closets

Especially stacked on the upper shelves, you’re likely to find things that are taking up space there that could be tossed into the bin.

3. Too Much Furniture

One way that clutter hides in our homes is when it masquerades as an active piece of furniture, artwork, curio, etc. Go to a corner of your living room, or any other room, that you don’t normally view the room from and try to see it as if for the first time. Now start getting rid of the things that have been ‘forgotten in plain sight’.

4. Ask Yourself

If you get stuck on anything that you think should probably go but can’t quite bring yourself to do the deed, ask yourself some questions: Does this thing inspire, educate or enlighten me? Does this have a family connection worth preserving? Do I use this thing regularly? Can I live without it? Let the answers dictate your actions.

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