6 Safety Measures Contractor Should Take With Any Dumpster Rental Bin

Roofing Contractor Rental Bin

Any construction site is exposed to more hazards than you can think of; from falling debris to flammable material, contractors must ensure the safety of those working on-site and people who will be around the site. Dumpster bin rentals are common on construction sites, but there’s usually not much thought given to the risks these containers can also pose. 

It seems easy enough, right? Just toss the debris into an open bin. But safety is incredibly important to prevent injury. Keep note of these tips when working with your next dumpster rental. 

1) Choose the Safest Location

For residential projects, We recommend placing your bin rental on a flat, non-sloped surface, which is why a driveway is an ideal place. But avoid placing your container too close to the house; this can become a hazard for homeowners and small children. Instead, place your dumpster far enough away from the front entrance — without being too inconvenient for your workers. You must also account for truck clearance as this is crucial when your bin is hauled away.

2) Wear Protective Gear

Protective gear for contractor

Hard hats, protective goggles, gloves and steel-toe boots are a given on any construction site, but when dealing with waste, you can’t forget about protective clothing. From roofing shingles to stray branches, most of the material that lands in your dumpster will be large and bulky. Sharp objects and falling debris can be especially dangerous if you’re not wearing the right gear. 

Another thing to be aware of is any exposed sharp steel edges. Touching rusty surfaces could cause serious infections. By wearing protective clothing, you can steer clear of various risks.

3) Keep Children Away

Dumpsters are no playground for children. Keep kids out of your container, and block it off with barrier gates or construction tape if necessary. Not only can a dumpster’s sharp edges cause cuts, but small hands can also get caught in swinging doors. 

4) Practice Safe Operations

Dumpsters often contain moving parts that require safe operation. Once your container is delivered, ask the rental company for a quick walk-through. Understanding certain levers and hinges can help avoid pinching or crushing hazards. Learn how to operate the doors, latches and locks before loading up your bin. 

If something has been thrown out accidentally, carefully remove surrounding debris with the help of a partner. Never attempt to walk into a dumpster on your own. Always have someone nearby in case of an emergency.

5) Avoid fires

It’s possible your dumpster contains flammable materials. Never smoke or light matches near an open bin. A small spark is sometimes all it takes to send old furniture, chemicals and electronics up in flames. In case of emergency, have a fire extinguisher nearby. 

By following these dumpster safety tips, you ensure that all property and personnel are being adequately protected from injury or damage.

If you live in the Kitchener/ Waterloo/ Cambridge area, and are in need of a rental dumpster bin, don’t hesitate to call us or visit our website! We will be happy to answer any other questions you may have.