6 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Fall 2021

National Bins proudly serves the Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge regions with affordable, fast, and easy-to-book bin rental services. One of our main clientele groups is local homeowners who hire us to assist with their home renovation projects. We offer bin rentals all year round but often see an influx of rentals in the warmer months. As things begin to cool down, our dedicated team has put together this blog post to offer tips on preparing the homeowners for the upcoming fall season. 

Buy Some Caulking 

With the days and weeks beginning to cool down, it is always advantageous to purchase some caulking and go over your windows and door frames. This will help keep the heat inside and the cold out of your home. Caulking is reasonably inexpensive and can be done in one afternoon. 

Get Your Roof and Chimney Inspected

Are you planning on lighting fires in your fireplace this fall and winter? We recommend hiring an inspector to check out the state of it before you light any fires. Also, having someone take a look at your shingles and roof while they are up there is a great idea too. Planning on getting these parts of your house fixed before the first snowfall should be the goal.

Turn off Your Air Conditioning for the Year

Do you or someone in your household know how to shut down the cooling system sufficiently? If not, consider hiring a certified HVAC specialist to get the job done. This ensures saved costs and preparation for spring 2022. 

Clean your Evestrophs 

Do you have trees on your property? As the leaves begin to change colour and fall, they will easily end up in your evestrophs and downspouts. This will inevitably cause clogs with the increase of precipitation throughout the fall season. Having water leak into your house due to clogged eavestroughs can be disastrous to your home and bank account. Avoid this situation by getting your eavestroughs cleans out regularly. 

Rent a Bin to Throw Away Old Stuff

Do you have extra yard waste you don’t know how to dispose of? How about a bunch of garbage sitting in your basement? Plan a pre-fall home project that will clean out parts of your home and enjoy a fresher, cleaner home during the fall. Rent a dumpster bin that will take every piece of unwanted material to a proper garbage location and focus on cleaning out your home stress-free!

Call National Bins for Your Next Dumpster Rental 

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