Everything You Need to Know About Clean Fill Bins

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We proudly specialize in dumpster bin rentals and management. With over 20 years of experience, we are experts in recommending and providing the best bin rental services in the Kitchener and Waterloo regions. We ensure to educate our customers on all bin options and always recommend Clean Fill bins to our customers if it suits their project scope. We have written this blog post to educate our residential and commercial clients on what Clean Fill bins are and their benefits. 


What is Clean Fill? 

Clean Fill bins are dumpster bins that are exclusively made for environmentally friendly waste removal. Waste material disposed of in Clean Fill bins is soil, trees, shrubs, dirt, brick, rubble, and cement. Typically, Cleanfill can take any waste that can be re-used for future construction projects or easily recycled. 


What Cannot go in Clean Fill 

Many waste-removal projects contain harsh contaminants and chemicals. These are perfectly fine to remove and throw in one of our bins, but they cannot be disposed of in our Cleanfill dumpster bins. Any materials that are harmful or toxic to the environment or humans are better-suited for our regular bins.  


What is the Benefit of Clean Fill 

If we can deal with a customer who is removing natural-based waste, our team will always advise using a Cleanfill bin. Why? Clean Fill containers are suitable for the environment. Instead of only offering bin rentals where the trash will end up in a landfill, Clean Fill bins help create more recycling and repurposed material for other projects and construction companies and support the environment. Future construction companies and projects can purchase the Clean Fill materials at a reduced cost while helping the environment. Cleanfill reduces unnecessary construction material production and decreases landfills. 


What Happens to Cleanfill 

There are a multitude of Clean Fill waste uses. Once the materials are removed from the project site, we work with our roster of construction companies who repurpose the Clean Fill materials. Landscaping projects, pool installations, level ground and hole filling are all options for repurposed Cleanfill material. It can also be repurposed for residential projects and town-work such as road and pot-hole maintenance. 


Why Rent from Us 

Not all dumpster bin rental companies offer Cleanfill, especially the smaller companies. National Bins has been in business since 1991 and has an extensive network of commercial and residential clients and partners who work with our Clean Fill materials to support the environment better. Are you thinking about renting a bin for your next project? Choose National Bins and select from a large variety of sizes, Cleanfill bin rental options and have full-service pick up and drop off for your convenience.