5 Tips for Maintaining a Beautiful Backyard

clean backyard

Your backyard is a great place to relax with friends and family throughout the hot summer months. Ideally, homeowners will want to keep their yard spaces clean, well-maintained, and comfortable for you and your guests to enjoy. The team at National Bins sees many of our dumpster bin rental clients conduct impressive annual yard clean-ups. Aside from larger-scale initial clean-ups, we have put together six tips on how to maintain a beautiful backyard throughout the summer. 

Address Aggressive Weeds

Early! By investing in some anti-weed products or hiring a local company to spray your backyard, you will save considerable time and energy throughout the summer. Take care of it sooner than later!

Consider Stone for Outdoor Areas

Stone comes in so many colour options and price ranges. When you choose a high-quality patio stone, it not only looks great in your yard but adds an inviting space for friends and family to relax. Patio stone not only minimizes yard work but also feels pleasant on your feet and looks welcoming.

Invest in Plants and Shrubs

We highly recommend going to your local nursery and checking out some colourful flowers, shrubs, or plants. However, we also suggest that less can be more. Planting a smaller number of perennials and paying attention to them will do wonders than keep up with a massive garden. Less maintenance is required with perennials vs. annuals. 


Putting in mulch instead of more grass can be a great cost-effective addition to your backyard. Instead of watering or trimming these areas, they will look put-together throughout the whole summer with low maintenance. Talk to your local nursery or hardware store to see which options are best for your property. 

Rent a Dumpster Bin

Are you planning on running a yard sale? Planning on clearing out the shed? Derooting some trees? Clearing out space to build a new vegetable garden? All these ideas are great for elevating your backyard space this summer, but they can be done more efficiently when you rent a dumpster bin. Our team offers various size and pricing options for you to choose from. So whether you need an afternoon, weekend, or week-long rental, we have your back! 

Call National Bins for Affordable Dumpster Rentals in Kitchener 

We hope these tips offer some new inspiration for maintaining your yard for the rest of this summer and next. If you or any friends, family, or neighbours are considering a residential construction project that will require excessive garbage, give us a call to discuss dumpster bin rentals today!