How to Increase Your Kitchener/Waterloo Home’s Curb-side Appeal

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National Bins is a full-service bin rental company that has been proudly servicing the Kitchener/Waterloo region for over 25 years. We are industry leaders because we offer quick online booking, dedicated customer service, and numerous options for bin size. Our team has put together this blog post on how to elevate your home’s curbside appeal.

Paint your Front Door  

One highly effective way to increase the look of your front property is by purchasing a trendy paint colour and repainting your front door. If you have a larger budget, browse current door styles and install a new look to make your house look more contemporary. 

Change Up Your Mailbox

Installing an attractive mailbox is an easy way to upgrade your curbside appeal. A mailbox is already a necessary part of your home, so installing a stylish one will be sure to impress neighbours or a passerbyer. 

Update Your House Number

There are many ways to make your house number stand out on your street. Whether your home is more rustic or modern, you can use different materials to elevate the look and add to your curbside look. Wood, metal, and various typography are all small things you can choose from to create a numbered plaque you like. 

Install New Outdoor Lighting 

Homeowners can use well-planned lighting to accentuate their homes and elevate their home’s curbside appeal. Highlighting the architecture of your home and the layout of your landscape can maintain a stunning front view even in the darker hours. Outlining pathways, planning symmetrically, and moving to LED lighting are simple ways to create beautiful outdoor lighting. 

Add Some More Green

Spring and summer time are times of the year where you can use fresh flowers and shrubs to upgrade the front of your house. Adding a garden with different textured plants and coloured flowers will create an impressive yard and curb look. Adding a blend of annuals and perennials is a great way to keep your yard looking good year-round. 

Clean and Rent a Dumpster Bin 

Do you have junk or front yard clutter you have been planning to get rid of or haven’t had the time to do? Rent a dumpster bin from National Bins and get it delivered the same day. Our team sets up a compatible sized container for your needs safely on your driveway and will remove it all in the same day. We also offer speedy online booking and customer service for any questions. 

Call National Bins For All Your Garbage Bin Rental Needs

If you are a homeowner in the Kitchener, Waterloo, or surrounding areas, we hope these tips help you if you are looking to upgrade your curbside look, and if you require the best dumpster rentals in Kitchener, give our team a call today.