How a Bin Rental can Benefit Your Kitchener/Waterloo Construction Business

National Bins is a full-service bin rental company serving the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and surrounding areas. We work with both residential and commercial clients. The majority of our clients are repeat customers because they quickly understand the benefits and advantages of renting a bin. Specifically, we get many construction referrals because it helps make construction owner’s lives much easier when they rent with us, here are the reasons why. 

Increased Job Site Saftey

Unfortunately, job sites do not automatically provide contractors with disposal bins for them to throw away waste or material in. Material clutter, debris from cutting or installations and waste can collect very quickly and easily cause safety hazards. If one of your employees’ trips, falls or gets hurt by scraps or waste on your site, you can get in trouble from workman’s compensation claims. To avoid this threat to your business, investing in a disposal bin will remove the risk of job site injury due to accumulated waste. 

Increased Job Efficiency 

As a business owner, it is imperative one of your top priorities is to create an efficient and streamlined revenue system so you can make a profit. Making things move quicker is one way to do these, as long as you are not cutting corners in terms of safety. Our construction clients who rent bins with us often tell us how much easier our bins make their projects go. Having one designated area for garbage will reduce the extra time of walking around collecting and organizing waste after the job is complete. 

Reduce Costs 

With a higher standard of employee safety and efficiency in your business, you are bound to cut costs and have a higher revenue stream. You are also likely to have happier and more satisfied employees, which will reduce the turnover rate and retain your staff. Renting a disposal bin for every construction project is an excellent way to reduce unforeseen costs and keep everyone in the company happier. 

Proper Waste Disposal 

Lastly, by renting a garbage bin with National Bins you are doing a good service to the environment and town you are working in. By simply disposing of all your waste into one of our commercial bins, you are allowing garbage and waste materials to be disposed of properly. Instead of debris ending up in the wrong place, it is our job and specialty to find the right place for it all. Promoting a cleaner and healthier environment and township. 

Call National Bins For All Your Bin Rental Needs

Do you have questions about the process of renting a Kitchener bin rental service with us? Our dedicated staff is here to help you decide which bin size is best for you and your next project. Contact us today to learn more!