Tips for Renting a Bin in the Wintertime

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National Bins is dedicated to providing Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge clients with affordable and fast bin rental services. We are excited to see the approach of the winter and holiday season here in Ontario, but we also understand with the change of season comes extra responsibilities, especially if you are planning on a bin rental. Read this blog article below to know what to expect if you rent a bin this winter. 

Make Enough Room

Before the day of the bin delivery, we recommend you take some extra time to clear your driveway, yard or backyard, wherever you will be placing the bin. If it is approaching wintertime, then we understand snow blowing or shovelling may be necessary. Initially, investing some extra time to make a clear space for your bin will ensure easy access, placement and removal. 

Check with your Township Regulations

We understand some regions may have seasonal restrictions regarding construction or rentals. For example, many towns throughout Ontario do not allow street parking during the winter months. This is to ensure snowplows are able to do their job and clear all parts of the street. If you are looking to place a bin rental on your standard street parking area, you may receive tickets or pushback from the township according to local regulations. Make sure you do some Google searches beforehand to save time and money relocating your bin or paying bills. 

Keep the Bin Closed

We recommend all our clients invest in a lid during the colder months. Even from fall onward, using a cover or closing the bin will ensure extra seasonal debris stays out. From accumulated fallen leaves to heavy snowfall, adding additional matter in your container can increase costs and time cleaning it out, especially if your bin rental company has strict regulations on what they accept as waste. 

Stay On Top of Snowfall 

Do you have a snowfall routine? From clearing steps to putting down salt, if you are planning on having a bin in the wintertime, you will have to take time to clear away snow and ice from it as well. By using a snow broom, you can easily brush away accumulated inches on top of your bin. This is especially important if you plan to close and open your container during a snowfall. Make everyone’s job easier and stay on top of snow falling on and around your bin.

Call National Bins for All Your Bin Rental Needs

Whatever time of year, National Bins is here for your Kitchener bin rental needs. We provide our clients with an easy booking system and encourage anyone interested in rentals to give us a call so we can answer any questions. We look forward to hearing from you soon!