How to Keep Your Dumpster Rental Clear of Pests

Pest looking for garbage

Refrain from Food Waste

We understand that although it may be convenient to throw your food waste away in your dumpster bin along with your other unwanted things, we urge you to refrain from doing so. Food is known for rotting and creating stinky odours that entice flies and can cause an infestation of maggots. Flies and maggots won’t be your only issue; it’s the nocturnal critters such as raccoons and possum that are also attracted to the smell of compost and rotting food.

Keep it Tidy

If you’re making multiple trips to the dump, make sure to clean up the residue the best you can to ensure there isn’t anything left over that could attract any unwanted pests.

Placing Your Dumpster Bin

When you place your dumpster bin on grass, it becomes an invitation for rodents that live on grass or mulch to crawl up into your dumpster bin or live underneath it. You should always place your dumpster bin on a concrete slab. It is also important you do this because if any liquid leaks from your dumpster, it won’t get into the groundwater.

Keep it Covered

Adding a cover to your dumpster bin will lower your chances of different types of animals from entering your dumpster bin. Try using a tarp that’s tightly sealed. Although larger animals may be more resourceful and find a way under, smaller critters will have a hard time getting around the tarp.

Use Repellents

If you absolutely must put contents in the dumpster that you know are going to attract pests, try using a natural repellent. A dilution of ammonia and water is a natural repellent to keep pests away, however, be mindful of any nearby landscaping as ammonia can cause damage to your plants.

If squirrels, skunks and rabbits are a particular problem in your area, you can purchase fox or coyote urine and place it around the perimeter of the dumpster to keep these pests away. Fox and coyotes prey on these small animals, and once they get a whiff of the repellent, they’ll feel threatened and leave. Also, remember to reapply the repellent if a rain shower comes through.

For all of your dumpster bin rental needs, contact Nation Bins today and we will help keep your rental free of pests and unwanted critters!